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"Chantel provides a safe environment where everyone can ask questions and share doubts.

It has helped us to better understand the birth process and everything around this special moment!"

- Sylvain Couturier

Why take a class with Blooming Births?

Learn how to advocate for yourself during your birth

Understand your birth options and feel more empowered to make informed choices

Lay the foundation towards a positive parenting journey

Connect deeper with your partner and work as a team

Build a community with other parents and grow together

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Upcoming class dates!

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Antenatal Class

We offer a range of classes (from group to individual sessions) depending on your needs. Our workshops are focused on taking you through a transformational journey - reframing the way you look at birth and life after baby.  We integrate evidence-based information and a holistic approach together with practical hands-on activities to give you the tools for a comfortable birth and your parenting journey.  


The topics and activities covered are geared towards fostering a deeper connection with yourself and your partner, strengthening the mind, preparing for a comfortable birth, preparing for baby's arrival and navigating this new terrain of parenthood

Customize Your Classes!

We understand that there is no "one size fits all", we offer customizable classes to suit your needs through pregnancy, childbirth and beyond into parenthood!

Prenatal Class - $600

This class combines the full spectrum of everything you need to know from mental/emotional preparation to labour & birth, breastfeeding, postpartum care and parenthood.


  • Understanding trauma, triggers & your love language

  • Understanding the birthing body, Optimal maternal positioning & spinning babies

  • Comfort measures for labour & partner support

  • Breastfeeding & newborn care, Understanding your new relationship & parenting roles

  • Postpartum rehabilitation and care

VBAC Preparation - $800

A class for women who are wanting to explore a vaginal birth after a prior cesarean(s).


We lay down the research and statistics behind a successful VBAC, demystify misconceptions surrounding VBAC births, and educate you on how to choose the right care provider. 


We prepare you mentally, emotionally and physically, empowering you towards a possible VBAC.

Cesarean Birth Preparation - $550

Designed to prepare couples for an empowering and gentle cesarean birth. This class educates you on what to expect before, during and after your birth. It covers breastfeeding, partner support, mind & body rehabilitation.

Twins/Tripplets Prepration - $550

Tailored to your journey as parents to twin/triplet babies, whether it’s a vaginal birth or a belly birth, this class aims to provide you with optimum strategies to manage labour, birth, breastfeeding and parenthood

Second time parents
(or more) - $550

Catered to second time or more parents, our classes serve as a refresher to help you navigate down the once travelled journey. Giving you the confidence you need for birth, postpartum and how to manage a growing family.


Ready to get empowered?

Image by Mona Magnussen

Natt Srinara

Overall we enjoyed Chantel's weekend session - very informative and she certainly knows her stuff! Also glad to have met like-minded couples who were happy to share and make new friends. My wife and I came away with valuable knowledge on how to prepare for delivery and care for our baby. Thank you Chantel!

Hear What Families Say

Image by Mona Magnussen

Maybelline Tan

We had an incredible time engaging Chantel for private sessions for our prenatal prep course. I wasn’t feeling well at that time and was concerned about group sessions, Chantel came to our place and made it feasible for us to learn in the comfort of our home. She’s resourceful, extremely patient and compassionate, with humour too! I love her vibes and she has solid touches that helps my body to feel at ease when she was demonstrating to my hubby how to massage me. In her presence, we felt safe and comfortable. Thank you, Chantel

Image by Mona Magnussen

Ankur Aurora

We attended the Blooming Births workshop on 26-27th Sept. I must admit it was one of the most enriching experiences. Chantel is very knowledgeable and professional. She changed our perspective of childbirth.

The topics covered during the class are very relevant and Chantel has planned it well. Thanks Chantel. Highly recommend the class to all would be parents. Go for it!!!!

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