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Women's Ceremony

"A woman's rite of passage into motherhood needs to be honoured - her being, body, soul, energy.
Because when a baby is born, a mother is too."

- Chantel Kismet

Emerging from the cocoon of Maiden to Mother signifies a transformational journey. Here at Blooming Births, we offer ceremonies to celebrate and honour the sacred journey of motherhood - a celebration of the deep spiritual and energetic connection with. Our ceremony offerings includes a "Blessingway" ceremony for the pregnant mother and a "Closing the Bones" ceremony for women who have created and grown life.

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A Blessingway ceremony is a beautiful and sacred ritual that honours and celebrates the becoming of a new mother, and the new life she carries within her.

Our ceremony includes creating a sacred circle, meditation, and different types of rituals to honour the new mother.

We offer personalized and customized ceremonies to make your Blessingway a unique and memorable experience. Connect with us to learn more.

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"Closing the Bones" Ceremony

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What is "Closing the Bones" ceremony?

The female body goes through tremendous changes during pregnancy into birth and beyond. There is an essence of vulnerability and openness at each stage - during pregnancy, the body opens and grows life, and during birth it opens up as the gateway for life. 

An ancient ritual with roots from South America (also known as la cerrada del postparto), “closing the bones” is a ceremony to mark the significant closure of the birthing body, most importantly, to celebrate and honour the Mother.

At Blooming Births, we combine womb massage with a rebozo massage with a healing meditation, other additions include vaginal steaming, sound healing and a tea ceremony, this ritual can help a woman heal on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level.

What to expect?

A connection call is arranged prior to the session to get to know each other better. This ceremony can be done in your own home or at The Nurtured Space - each session lasts about 60 to 90 minutes.


During the session, all you need to do is unwind and rest. It is normal for a woman to experience a release of emotions during these sessions, one may feel restored and energised after the session. The massage brings articulation and movements to the joints, ligaments and muscles speeding up recovery.

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Who & when can I do this?

This ceremony is encouraged for all women who have grown, held and birthed life. You can do this as soon as you have birthed your baby in your early postpartum days or even many years after childbirth. "Closing the bones"  ceremony can offer closure and a space to be held for women who have experienced loss (such as abortions, miscarriage, stillbirths) or underwent surgeries such as hysterectomy, removal of cysts and fibroids. 

Book a connection call to find out more


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