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Prenatal Class

"Childbirth With Love"

Over three sessions, we integrate exercises to help couples build a stronger bond, trust and connection. We take evidence-based knowledge and chunk them into bite-sized information to help you learn better. We formulate step by step strategies to help with decision making, piece together tried and tested plans that will work for your family. 


Through self-hypnosis, self-exploration and partner exercises together with role-playing, practical hands-on activities, our classes are created with an end goal in mind - changing the way you look at birth and parenthood whilst having fun along the way!


$650 (Group sessions)

$850 (in-person private sessions)

$750 (in-person virtual sessions)



3 hours over 2 sessions (private)

2 day workshop (group session)

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Topics Covered

Session One

"Mind, Heart, Body Connection"

​The first session touches upon mental and emotional preparation as an individual and a couple

  • Understand the neuroscience of how your brain works and the connection to your physical body

  • Learn techniques to access your subconscious mind and release negative thoughts

  • Learn how to use your hormones to facilitate labour

  • Explore the parent within; identify and clear triggers through inner healing

  • Connect with yourself and your partner


Session Three

"Making Informed Choices"

The third session focuses on your birth options, advocating for your rights and interventions

  • Understand the common medical and non-medical options

  • Writing your birth plan

  • Learn how to access the risks and benefits of interventions and inductions

  • Know your rights - advocating for your birth 

  • Navigating the hospital system


Session Two

"Your Birthing Body"

The second session introduces you to the biomechanics of the pelvis and birthing body

  • Understand the fundamentals of the birthing body

  • The importance of balance, movement and gravity in labour

  • How to prepare your body for labour

  • Spinning Babies | Optimal Maternal Positioning techniques

  • Identify and navigate roadblocks in labour

  • Partner support through preparation at each stage of labour


Session Four

"The Fourth Trimester"

The fourth session empowers you with the strategies to navigate the newborn stage, we emphasise the importance of partner connection and mental health

  • Understand the art & science of breastfeeding

  • Understand newborn sleep and the tools you can use 

  • Strategies to help you navigate the first few weeks

  • Perinatal mental health

  • Honouring your new role as a parent

  • Self-care for you and your partner

  • Nourishing your relationship

Blooming Births Doula

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Image by Mona Magnussen

Paula Iqueda

Thank you Chantel for the great weekend - full of insights, learnings and important takeaways. Personally, this weekend felt like a turning point in our pregnancy: we feel a lot more prepared, confident and comfortable with this journey and the challenges that come with it. We're so ready to go through it together, feeling a lot stronger as a family.
It was really enlightening and helpful! Highly recommend it

Image by Mona Magnussen

Russ Li

It's was an exciting and enjoyable experience to attend Chantel's weekend session. She has so much knowledge and experience to share with us. The sessions was conducted very professionally and yet enjoyable. Especially, the session where we were helping our wife to stretch and massage. It was really helpful for men that really wish to help relieve their wife from the aches and pains during the pregnancy term. 

Image by Mona Magnussen

Kitty Lee

Highly recommend the two-day class to couples preparing for the wonderful journey ahead. It gives you insight into pregnancy, delivery and postpartum. Totally changes my perspective! 

There are multiple hands-on sessions for couples to connect with each other through body contacts and meditation. Most importantly what I find is key is deeper communication with your partner and connecting with your inner self.

It’s not just about the pregnant mama, daddy can be actively involved too! It’s a journey as parents, together with the baby.

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