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Adinda Hapsari

I had 36 hours of labour, and Chantel was there throughout, guiding us, hands-on with everything that we need, and tirelessly helping and being there for us. She guided us throughout on the exercises needed to get the labour progressing, and she was very well equipped for the birth, even set the vibe right in our labour room with candle lights and aromatherapy. It was not an easy one, yet she never stopped giving us the courage & support until baby Aqsa was born.

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Lauren Moye

I cannot recommend Chantel and Blooming Births enough. I was lucky enough to get a recommendation for her and from the first moment we met I instantly felt comfortable. In the weeks leading up to my daughter’s birth she was so helpful, not just with me but also my husband! Making sure he was ready as well. My daughter’s birth was a bit traumatic and obviously not at all what we planned for, but her calm and collected self was exactly what I needed, as well as when she had to tell some nurses to back off she did!

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Jinping Nah

I had Chantel as my doula when I gave birth to my little one. My labour (initially without epidural) was 19h long. Her support created the perfect birthing space for me as she encouraged me and helped me through my painful contractions. I really couldn't have had such a wonderful birthing experience if it weren't for her. Chantel was there for me post birth as well, providing much needed support as I went thru my fourth trimester ❤

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Iris Carla De Jesus

Chantel is a very experienced doula and I highly recommend her. As my goal was a drug-free birth and minimal medical intervention, she was with me throughout my 20h labour overnight at home which helped me to power through without rushing to the hospital. I was 2 to 3 cm dilated when I admitted which is good progress. I would've rushed to the hospital earlier if it weren't for her support. Apart from her expertise, she is so easy to talk to. Always so caring and thoughtful to me and my husband. She made sure we are well prepared to birth our first child. She is still supporting us up til today when my baby is 2 months old. Always sending us very useful information. We feel very much cared for. Super highly recommended!

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Valerie Li

Chantel is an amazing doula! We first contacted Chantel when we decided to have a baby in Singapore instead of our home country. With COVID we knew we would need the additional support for this birth journey. Chantel is warm and knowledgeable about the intricacies of birthing journey. In addition, she made herself available to us all the time via WhatsApp and call when needed.

We attended her private antennal class in which she provided valuable and practical information that we found useful not just for the labour, but months leading up the labour and also post labour. Thank you, Chantel, for being part of this journey with us!


Stephanie Sentell

We gave birth to our first little one in Singapore in 2020, amidst really unstable times for the healthcare sector, facing Covid restrictions for hospitals, doctor visits, etc. Bringing Chantel into our fold, to guide us through the pregnancy, delivery, and post delivery was the best decision we could have made. She helped us to be able to stay focused on what this incredible chapter of our life could offer, and on the experience as a family, keeping everything in a positive light. She was by my side every step of the way, checking in daily and helped me to confidentially and comfortably deliver our little one.


Even in the days after, I really don't think I could have had such a successful breast feeding journey without the support and insights she offered. Chantel is full of super helpful resources, very hands on if that's what you want, but also has the intuition to understand how her role in your journey fits seamlessly into your own family dynamic.

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Clemence Morlet

Chantel is a fantastic doula! We first contacted her when we were planning to have a baby and it was a great idea! Chantel was really warm with us and provided some advice from the start. During the pregnancy, we attended her antenatal classes, partly with a group, partly in private and these classes were amazing. Lots of valuable and practical information in a non-judgmental and friendly atmosphere! We relocated away from Singapore during the pregnancy but we would have loved that Chantel attends our birth and post-partum. Also, Chantel has made her available all the time through WhatsApp and call from our very first call until now (5-month pregnant) which was very much appreciated! Thank you Chantel for having been part of our new parenting journey.

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Romain Lachevre

Chantel from Blooming Births supported us during the pregnancy of our first baby earlier this year. Simply put, we would highly recommend her and her company to any parents looking for guidance in navigating the great adventure that is giving birth.

From day 1, Chantel was great, always providing fantastic advice, tips and support; and was super available.

Even in the complex times of COVID-19, and while she was not allowed with us in the labour ward, she still managed to be extremely supportive and it felt like she was with us the all time.

Chantel, we are super grateful for everything and wish every parents were lucky to have you by their side as we were !

Image by Mona Magnussen

Preetha Suryakumar

I came across Chantel when I was looking for birthing classes urgently right before my due date. All the classes I had signed up for all were cancelled due to the circuit breaker that happened right then. She graciously offered my husband and I a spot in our class and even told us to pay her only what we wanted to, which was just so so kind on her part. The fact that she didn't want us to stress over finances at that part of our journey just shows how seriously she takes her line of work. The class was so informative that I think the majority of what I learned about this entire journey was from that class alone.

She's got such great energy and she shows so much care to the mothers whom she works with. She wants to ensure that mummy is all well and good but she also insists that we rope in daddy - I love how equal partnership is emphasised everywhere possible.

I've contacted Chantel several times after the class - after I gave birth, when I had difficulties in my breastfeeding journey, when I felt mentally drained and there were issues at home, and even when my friend overseas was in labour but stuck in hospital alone. Chantel has literally been a rock for me all the times I've reached out to her.

I wish I had her by my side in the hospital. Ladies, please go through your pregnancy and birthing journey with her as your doula. This journey should be one of the most special ones you undertake in life.

Thank you Chantel, I really really appreciate all you have done for me. Ram and Suraj thank you deeply for being there for me too.

Image by Mona Magnussen

Karshyga Shakirzhanova

I want to thank Chantel for the amazing work she has done! I couldn’t have gone through this birth without her. Thank you for your support and encouragement! And for all the pictures and videos!!!

Your kind and soft-spoken voice relaxed and calmed me down through all the surges. I wish you all the best and success for Blooming birth doulas!!! Love!

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Marta Alexandra

We're so glad to have had Chantel's guidance for our pre-natal sessions. She came very well-recommended by a close friend and she surpassed expectations.

Her sessions were very informative for us, soon-to-be first-time parents. She put us at ease and help us build a sound plan for our pre and post-natal journey. And Chantel is always available to reply to our queries via Whatsapp. We feel much more confident to brave a new life stage with twin babies.

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Sherry Eong

First of all, we really like the casual atmosphere setting of the antenatal class. It don't makes us feel rigid and more open to sharing between other first time parent couples. Secondly Chantel's usage of positive language and terms changed our birthing perspective. We especially love her reference to intense waves instead of painful contractions, telling us to anticipate birthing party and congratulate each other instead of worrying when mucus plug is spotted. I also appreciated a lot how she encourage fathers to participate in informed medical decision makings and support us during various pregnancy stages incl postpartum. We can feel that she made a lot of effort in planning for her classes to have a smooth flow. Her antenatal class definitely gave us much assurance and prepared us for our upcoming baby. Thank you Chantel!


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