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Prenatal Class

Second Time Parents (or more!)

Whether it’s your second, third or fourth baby, each birth experience will be unique!​


Catered to second time or more parents, our classes serve as a refresher to help you navigate down the once travelled journey. Giving you the confidence you need for birth, postpartum and how to manage a growing family.


$700 (private sessions)



2 hours over 2.5 sessions 

Topics Covered

Session One

"Mind, Heart, Body Connection"

​The first session touches upon mental and emotional preparation as an individual and a couple. It also introduces you to the biomechanics of the pelvis and birthing body.

  • Understand the neuroscience of how your brain works and the connection to your physical body

  • Learn techniques to access your subconscious mind and release negative thoughts

  • Explore the parent within; identify and clear triggers through inner healing

  • Connect with yourself and your partner

  • The importance of balance, movement and gravity in labour

  • Spinning Babies | Optimal Maternal Positioning techniques

  • Partner support


Session Two

"Labour & the Fourth Trimester"

The second session focuses on labour & birth, medical interventions, advocating for your rights and the fourth trimester

  • Understand the common medical and non-medical options

  • Writing your birth plan

  • Know your rights - advocating for your birth 

  • Navigating the hospital system

  • Understand the art & science of breastfeeding

  • Understand newborn sleep and the tools you can use 

  • Strategies to help you navigate the first few weeks

  • Integrating your newborn with your child(ren) 

  • Perinatal mental health

  • Self-care for you and your partner

  • Nourishing our relationship

Blooming Births Doula

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