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Somatic Release Session

A bespoke holistic approach to nourishing the mind, heart, body and spirit

The experiences we carve throughout life can affect us in many ways - birth trauma, childhood trauma, traumatic relationships, anxiety, fears, stress, and inner child issues can create blockages and prevent us from vibrating at the highest possible frequency.


Using touch therapy, talk therapy, sound therapy, crystals, botanicals, meditation and breathwork to bring energy alignment.

Our somatic sessions focus on integrating mind-body connection, releasing blocked or stagnant energy, reconnecting with yourself, releasing thoughts, emotions, and experiences that don't serve you; 

- Birth Trauma/Childhood Trauma

- Emotional Trauma

Healing session Blooming Births Singapore

“Your heart knows the way.
Run in that direction.”
- Rumi

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Awaken your intuition

Blooming Births Reiki Energy Healing


Clear energetic blockages

Blooming Births Reiki Energy Healing


Feel balanced, safe & connected

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Stella Gopane

The session with Chantel was very relaxing, I felt energised and grounded at the end of the session. She used a combination of different techniques which allowed me to open up feel completely relaxed. Definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a more holistic approach to healing. I'll be back again!

Client Reviews

Image by Mona Magnussen

Kelly. B

I came for 2 sessions with Chantel to help calm my nerves as I prepared for birth. I felt very relaxed after which was what I needed. She has a very soothing voice and nurturing energy. She also helped me with some breathing techniques to prepare for labour. I liked that she sent some practices for me to do at home. Thank you Chantel! 

Image by Mona Magnussen

Alani Kaur

I had a traumatic birth experience previously and was finding it hard to prepare for labour. I booked a session with Chantel and she worked with me energetically to release emotions I've been keeping. I felt lighter and like a positive shift in my body sensations. I like how she is so mindful and does not push me to do anything I am not comfortable doing. I felt very safe. Thank you.


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