Postpartum Doula Care

Parenting is more than just labour and birth, that's why our doula support extends up to your baby's 6 month birthday

We are here to help you embody your new role as parents and guide you through this transition. Our care extends from breastfeeding support to newborn care, holistic sleep strategies, sibling support, emotional wellness support, mental & physical recovery and helping couples foster a deeper relationship.

We work with specialists such as Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and PT Trainers to help you rehabilitate strength and wellness back to your body and mind.

We can tailor our packages to suit your needs, get in touch!

Postpartum Care Package

An extra pair of hands to help you navigate your postpartum journey - our services range from breastfeeding support, newborn care, supporting your emotional well-being, physical rehabilitation and guided meditation/relaxation sessions


Continuity of Care $1350

5 days (6 hours of care per day)

Single Package  $120 - 1 session

Trio Package  $330 - 3 sessions

Quin Package  $550 - 5 sessions

*Each session lasts 2 hours

Breastfeeding Support $120

Needing support around lactation? Not sure how to latch and position baby? We are there to guide you through with the right techniques and strategies


Each session lasts 2 hours

Guiding you with latching & positioning

Identifying hunger cues

Breast care and breast massage

Step by step breastfeeding care plan