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Postpartum Doula Care

Nurturing a mother during her postpartum recovery is so important - we are here to help you embody your new role as parents and guide you through this transition. Our care extends from breastfeeding support to newborn care, holistic sleep strategies, sibling support, emotional wellness support, mental & physical recovery and helping couples foster a deeper relationship. We offer closing the bones ceremony, womb massage and belly binding post birth. 

We work with specialists such as Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and PT Trainers to help you rehabilitate strength and wellness back to your body and mind.

We can tailor our packages to suit your needs, get in touch!

Postpartum Doula Singapore Blooming Births

Benefits of a
Postpartum Doula

Emotional Support

The transition into parenthood can come with its challenges. A postpartum doula can be your sounding board, a listening ear and to hold your hand with kindness and empathy as you embody this new role. This can significantly decrease perinatal mood disorders and promote a healthy mental state

Evidence-based Support

Providing you with the knowledge and strategies to breastfeeding, newborn care, newborn behaviours, sleep, sibling support and recovery. This can help parents feel more empowered and confident as they learn more about their new baby


Postpartum Care Package

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An extra pair of hands to help you navigate your postpartum journey - our services range from breastfeeding support, newborn care, supporting your emotional well-being, physical rehabilitation and guided meditation/relaxation sessions

Single Package  $220 - 1 session

Trio Package  $600 - 3 sessions

Quin Package  $1000 - 5 sessions


*Each session lasts 2 hours

Postpartum Doula Singapore Blooming Births

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Hear From Our Families

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Neysa Nurlatifah

I was recommended by my bestfriend to contact Chantel for post partum care as she had a great experience with her and I’m SO glad i did. Not only Chantel taught us things we need to know about newborn baby care but she also gave emotional support. She understood that a first time parents like us, could feel overwhelm at times, especially the day after we come back from the hospital. So she made sure the first session was the day after we checked out of the hospital. We were so glad she came because we were a mess that day and had so much questions. I also want to thank her for helping me with my breastfeeding journey. I almost gave up on breastfeeding but Chantel patiently listen to all my concerns and then gave me solutions which worked for me. Now i love breastfeeding!! We can’t thank you enough Chantel for everything that you’ve done for us :)

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Stephanie Martin

Had Chantel with us for a week during my postpartum. She was my saviour! By helping me with my initial breastfeeding journey until teaching me the important things on how to take care of a newborn. She felt like family and is such a gentle and friendly person. Would definitely recommend her to all first-time mums!

Wedding flowers, bridal bouquet closeup. Decoration made of roses, peonies and decorative

Su Ling

My husband and I have engaged Chantel to support us in the first 2 weeks following the birth of our twins. We are extremely grateful to have someone like her as the first 8 days were very challenging for us. Chantel provided us with the emotional support we needed and helped us to establish a schedule to get over the hump. She is a very genuine person who is always keen to help, take initiatives and pay attention to details. We feel comfortable with her and will highly recommend her to any parents looking for support during the postpartum period.


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