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Antenatal Class

We'll cover everything from mental, emotional and physical, to informational preparation. Providing bite-sized, evidence-based information that's easy to digest. You'll learn step-by-step strategies and tried and tested plans that support you on your journey.


Our practical, hands-on approach includes partner exercises, role-playing, and introspective activities that deepen learning and build a stronger connection between couples.

Whether you're seeking a holistic and natural childbirth experience or planning to use medical interventions, our class is designed to meet your needs and preferences

Not sure when to attend a class? Find out in this video: "When to attend antenatal classes?".

Perks for you!

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At Blooming Births, we strive to provide a supportive community to create your village. That's why we've teamed up with trusted service providers to create your very own village of support. Enjoy these perks when you sign up for classes, birth & postpartum support packages!

Customize Your Private Classes!

We understand that there is no "one size fits all", we offer customizable classes to suit your needs through pregnancy, childbirth and beyond into parenthood!

Hear What Couples Have To Say

"Chantel provides a safe environment where everyone can ask questions and share doubts.

It has helped us to better understand the birth process and everything around this special moment!"

- Sylvain Couturier

Upcoming class dates!

Check out the upcoming class dates here

What's Covered In The Workshop?

Session 1: "Mind, Heart, Body Connection"

Mental and emotional preparation as an individual and a couple

  • Understand the neuroscience of the brain and its connection to the physical body

  • Embrace fear and uncertainty with somatic introspective

  • Learn how to facilitate the flow of your hormonal cocktail for labour

  • Identify triggers and inner child bonding

  • Deepen trust and connect with each other


Session 2: "Your Birthing Body"

Introduction to the biomechanics of the pelvis, embodied movement and birth techniques 

  • Understand the physiological anatomy of the birthing body

  • The importance of balance, movement and gravity in labour

  • Embodied movements and birthing techniques

  • Spinning Babies | Optimal Maternal Positioning Techniques

  • Identify and navigate roadblocks in labour

  • Partner support through preparation at each stage of labour


Session 3: "Making Informed Choices"

Understand birth options, medical interventions and advocate for your birth rights 

  • Understand the common medical and non-medical options

  • Formulate birth preferences

  • Learn how to access the risks and benefits of interventions and inductions

  • Know your rights - advocating for your birth 

  • Navigate the hospital system


Session 4: "The Fourth Trimester"

Strategies to navigate the newborn stage, we emphasise the importance of partner connection and mental health

  • Understand matrescence and motherhood

  • Understand the art & science of breastfeeding

  • Understand newborn sleep and soothing tools 

  • Strategies to help you navigate the first few weeks

  • Perinatal mental health

  • Honouring your new role as a parent

  • Self-care for you and your partner

  • Feeding support (breastfeeding/bottle feeding)

Blooming Births Antenatal Prenatal Classes

Other Private Classes

Private Prenatal
Class - $850

This class combines the full spectrum of everything you need to know from mental/emotional preparation to labour & birth, breastfeeding, postpartum care and parenthood.


VBAC Preparation - $850

Suitable for women who are wanting to explore a vaginal birth after a prior cesarean(s).


We lay down the research and statistics behind a successful VBAC, demystify misconceptions surrounding VBAC births, and educate you on how to choose the right care provider. 

Cesarean Birth Preparation - $700

Designed to prepare couples for an empowering and gentle cesarean birth. This class educates you on what to expect before, during and after your birth. It covers breastfeeding, partner support, mind & body rehabilitation.

Twins/Tripplets Prepration - $700

Tailored to your journey as parents to twin/triplet babies, whether it’s a vaginal birth or a belly birth, this class aims to provide you with optimum strategies to manage labour, birth, breastfeeding and parenthood

Second time parents
(or more) - $700

Catered to second time or more parents, our classes serve as a refresher to help you navigate down the once travelled journey. Giving you the confidence you need for birth, postpartum and how to manage a growing family.


Birth Class

Learn Doula Chantel's Top 5 tips for an empowered, confident & easeful birth!

Hear From Our Families


May Wee

We learnt so much from Chantel's prenatal class that is so important in today's modern childbirth context, i.e. on having the right conversations with your partner, gynae, healthcare provider etc. Biggest takeaway from her prenatal class (as opposed to say other classes that teaches you fundamentals of bathing a child or breastfeeding) etc., is that it prepares you to be a *parent* and not that of a caregiver!


Maybelline Tan

We had an incredible time engaging Chantel for private sessions for our prenatal prep course. I wasn’t feeling well at that time and was concerned about group sessions, Chantel came to our place and made it feasible for us to learn in the comfort of our home. She’s resourceful, extremely patient and compassionate, with humour too! I love her vibes and she has solid touches that helps my body to feel at ease when she was demonstrating to my hubby how to massage me. In her presence, we felt safe and comfortable. Thank you, Chantel


Tatiana S.A

Attending the 2-day prenatal class with Chantel was definitely one of the best decisions my husband and I made before our baby arrived. As first time parents living far from our families we received a lot of information that made us feel much more confident and prepared when the big day arrived. We also loved the fact that the course not only taught us technical and practical knowledge but prepared us mentally to become parents. I was looking for a more natural approach for giving birth and Chantel clearly explained the benefits of this, and how to make sure our voices would be heard in the hospital.


Ankur Aurora

We attended the Blooming Births workshop. I must admit it was one of the most enriching experiences. Chantel is very knowledgeable and professional. She changed our perspective of childbirth.

The topics covered during the class are very relevant and Chantel has planned it well. Thanks Chantel. Highly recommend the class to all would be parents. Go for it!!!!


Mark & Fei

Chantel, from the moment you enter her space you are welcomed with a warm and open heart. Her deep levels of experience take you through what to expect, from gushes of blood, breaking waters, sore nipples, how to manage busy nurses and strong willed doctors, to a flowering an*us All this is covered with humour and respect. A must for any expectant mother and nervous father. Mark and Fei.


Jonathan & Joan

My wife and I attended the pre natal class “Childbirth with Love”. There is a lot of information out there but Chantel helps to put all that into a local context and gives relevance to the information. With her experience, she could even dispense hospital and sometimes doctor specific advice. At the end of the sessions, we felt more empowered and confident as we better knew what to expect (or in some cases what not expect), what kind of a birth plan we would like and also what are within our rights to request when it comes to our birth plan. We would definitely recommend this class to all expecting parents


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