"The birthing body is a gateway to bringing life into our world and that's a pretty big deal."

- Chantel Kismet

Chantel Kismet
Founder | Doula

Having been through a traumatic birth experience and severe postpartum depression, Chantel found her passion in birth work. Forced into having a cesarean without a chance to try for a natural birth, she made a switch of doctors at the eleventh hour and welcomed her daughter safely into this world.

She is committed to protecting couples' experiences through education and awareness. Chantel is passionate about helping couples connect deeper with each other, raising awareness for perinatal mental health, reducing birth trauma and breaking generational trauma to raise kind and empathetic children. 


Chantel believes that we all have the ability to create ripple effects of change in this world and it all starts from looking within ourselves. 

Chantel Kismet Birth Doula Blooming Births

More About

Founder of Blooming Births

Birth & Postpartum Doula (DONA)

Certified Womb Massage Therapist

Childbirth Educator 

HypnoBirthing® Educator (The Mongan Method)

HypnoMothering® Fertility Educator

Fertility Coach (APACS)

VBAC Link Trained

Pre/Postnatal Yoga trained

Spinning Babies and Optimal Maternal Positioning​​ 


Raffles Hospital

Gleneagles Hospital

Thomson Medical Centre

Mount Elizabeth Novena

Mount Elizabeth Orchard

Parkway East Hospita

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy focuses on connection through self-discovery with ourselves and our partners, bodywork using movement and therapy, integration of evidence-based information and holistic approach and acceptance of your new body, role and relationship


Our experiences shape the way we see the world, how we bond with our partners and how we parent our children. Our practice focuses on self-discovery and inner healing, to bring out the best version of ourselves for our family. We emphasize the importance of building a strong, healthy relationship with yourself and your partner.

Antenatal Class Blooming Births


Using movement, touch therapy, massages and modalities from Optimal Maternal Positioning® and Spinning Babies®, we help you prepare your body for childbirth and learn how to navigate roadblocks during labour that may affect labour progression. We believe in using bodywork through yoga and breathing to rehabilitate your strength post birth.

Antenatal Class Blooming Births


We combine evidence-based knowledge to help you make informed choices. Together with a holistic approach, we bring together Eastern and Western practices to help you on your postpartum recovery journey.

Antenatal Class Blooming Births


The birth of a baby signifies the birth of a parent - we are here to help you embody your roles as parents and your relationship dynamics as partners. We provide emotional and mental support through holistic therapy and coaching. We want birthing warriors to embrace their new body and celebrate.

Antenatal Class Blooming Births