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Chiropractic Care


Dr Theo D. Kieu

At Light Chiropractic we enhance your body’s innate ability to heal by allowing it to intelligently focus on functioning at its best allowing you to feel well

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Pregnancy is a tumultuous time for your body, both internally and externally. You experience a huge amount of change over the nine months, with countless new demands and challenges your body has to meet. You need proper prenatal care and treatment to keep your body in proper order and alignment. Chiropractic care will help you to maintain proper balance and alignment for your pelvis, which is crucial to your pelvic health.

Pelvic misalignment could end up minimising the space the fetus has within the uterus. Known as intrauterine constraint, a misaligned pelvis and compromised uterus may hinder the baby’s ability to have the maximum amount of room to develop and best position itself for delivery. It can eventually affect your body’s ability to experience a natural birth and avoid a c-section, or surgical, delivery.

Pregnancy triggers several physiological and endocrinological (hormonal) changes in your body, as preparation to create the perfect prenatal environment for developing and nurturing a healthy fetus. If not carefully monitored and cared for, these changes could result in a misaligned spine or joints.


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