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Love your Womb

Explore your sacred feminine as you reconnect to your womb’s intelligence and intuition

Your womb space is the power centre of endless possibilities, abundance, creativity, sexuality and deep healing. We hold a lot of emotions and trauma in our womb space that can cause energetic blockages which show up in our lives. 

Reclaim your power and wisdom through deep inner exploration, menstrual cyclical awareness, ancient womb teachings, mindfulness, embodied movement, breathwork and self-love practices.

Led by doula & womb worker, Chantel Kismet, and meditation & energy practitioner, Lexie Rodriguez from The Soul Place - join us for a 4 week transformation!

Womb healing Blooming Births

Join us on a 4 week healing journey of womb awakening and transformation

Connect with your divine feminine and tap into your inner wisdom

Each session comes with a unique kit to guide you on your journey!

Week One

Womb Wisdom

  • Understand the power of your womb

  • Open your feminine centres

  • Ancestral healing

  • Sacred smudging


Receive a smudge kit!

Womb Healing Workshop Blooming Births

Week Two

Connecting & Honouring your cycle

  • Understand your cycles

  • Practices to honour your flow

  • Yoni steaming


Receive a yoni steam kit!

Womb Healing Workshop Blooming Births

Week Three

The Illuminated Heart

  • Heart-Womb Connection

  • Daily rituals

  • Womb massage

  • Mantras and affirmations

Receive a body oil kit!

Womb Healing Workshop Blooming Births

Week Four

Sensual Awakening

  • The art of sensual pleasure

  • Yoni massage

  • Connecting with your feminine energy

Receive a crystal kit!

Womb Healing Workshop Blooming Births

Client Reviews

Image by Mona Magnussen

Pei Ying

It was a wonderful loving experience with Chantel and Lexie at their Love your womb workshop. It was nice to have an all-women environment that felt so sacred and supportive. Their energy is so gentle and loving. I would highly recommend it to all ladies!

Image by Mona Magnussen

Parnella Rayappan

Thank you, Chantel for the Love Your Womb workshop. You and Lexie were so helpful and provided a safe space for us to share and get in touch with our innate wisdom. I was able to connect better with myself and felt lighter after the session. Thank you for conducting this workshop. It is something all women should attend!


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