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Frequently  Asked  Questions

Do I really need to attend a childbirth preparation class?

I highly recommend it! Knowledge is empowering, it PREPARES you for your journey. Being able to understand what’s ahead and making informed choices in the face of uncertainty can impact the mental health of both parents. You prepared for that first job interview, researched venues for your wedding… so why not for your birth and parenting journey?

When should I start taking classes?

In the middle of your second trimester, about week 20 onwards. This gives you time to reframe your mind and mentally prepare for your journey ahead!

Should I take my partner along?

Absolutely! Your partner is going to be your main support person in labour and birth (you can consider engaging a doula!) and it is important for them to be a part of the process. “Childbirth with Love” classes are designed to allow couples to connect deeper and foster a stronger bond

Can I take someone else?

If you are a single parent, you can take the person who will be supporting you through labour and birth along

What class options are there?

You have a choice of in-person group classes, one day intensive classes, private sessions or virtual classes

How long are the classes?

Group classes are conducted over 2 days with a length of 6 hours each day

One-day intensive classes are 8 hours

Private sessions are 2.5 hours per session (there are 4 sessions)

What is the class size?

For in-person group classes: minimum of 3 couples and maximum 5 couples

For virtual sessions: minimum 3 couples and maximum 8 couples

Is there food?

Yes! For in-person sessions, lunch will be provided along with light snacks and beverages

We will do our best to cater to everyone's dietary requirements, however you are welcome to bring your own food

What if I forget what I’ve learnt?

Fret not! I’ve got you covered! Highlights of each session with be sent to you in bite sized forms for easy revision

What is the difference between the full session and one day intensive session?

Both sessions aim to equip couples with tools and knowledge on how to navigate pregnancy, labour and birth, the postpartum journey and building a stronger bond with each other. The full series has more couple activities and inner exploration work, whereas the one day intensive session is focused more on sharing knowledge and how to apply them

What do I need to bring to class?

An open mind and an appetite for fun! You will be given a “Childbirth with Love” workbook and notes. Bring along a water bottle, jacket to keep you warm and a shawl (for activities in session 2). Wear comfortable clothing!

How do I sign up?

Check out the class dates here or get in touch to discuss a date that suits your availability


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