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Our services are created to give you everything you need from the time you decide to start a family to when your baby is crawling. There is “no one size fits all” approach to childbirth and we offer customized classes to suit your birthing needs. 

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 Blooming Soon! 


 Blooming Soon! 


 Blooming Soon! 

About Us

We are dedicated to creating and nurturing positive, meaningful experiences for couples right from the start. The journey from conception to pregnancy, birth and beyond into parenthood can be filled with so much uncertainty... we are here to guide you through. 


We believe in nourishing your mind and body through a combination of evidence-based knowledge and holistic approach. Being Mothers ourselves, we understand the joys and challenges that come as parents.


We will be your biggest cheerleader, walking resource guide and friend.

Our Beliefs

Here at Blooming Births, we base our practice on three key beliefs:

  • Looking inwards to harness your inner powerhouse

  • Holding space for families

  • Evidence that empowers choice


It is difficult to describe the role that Chantel played in the birth of our first daughter without getting emotional. As first time parents, we tend to psychologically imagine the worst case scenarios and getting moved by fears. Chantel helped us along the pregnancy to prepare as much as possible as a couple both mentally and physically, in order for the delivery to be smooth.


From day 1, Chantel was great, always providing fantastic advice, tips and support; and was super available. Even in the complex times of COVID-19, and while she was not allowed with us in the labour ward, she still managed to be extremely supportive and it felt like she was with us the all time.

Romain & Aga

Lina, Eric and Baby James

Having had 2 past miscarriages, baby James meant the world to us. We couldn't be more grateful to Chantel who guided us through the entire process from the time we got pregnant, the birth of baby James and the postpartum period. She showered us with so much knowledge, love and sincerity.

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