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Blooming Births

They say it takes a village to support a mother, welcome to yours

Blooming Births Doulas Chantel Kismet

"At the heart of birth and parenting, lies the connection we have with ourselves"

We support women and their partners on a transformative journey into parenthood. We believe that through self-discovery and mindful awareness, women are empowered to trust their bodies and confidently bring their babies into our world.


- Chantel Kismet, Founder of Blooming Births & Doula


Birth Class

Here's top 5 tips for a positive, empowered & easeful birth experience!

Antenatal Classes

Be an empowered parent with our unconventional approach to childbirth and parenting!
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Our comprehensive 2-day antenatal class, "Childbirth With Love" is designed to provide expectant parents with comprehensive knowledge and tools for an empowered childbirth and parenting experience.


Led by an experienced doula, certified trauma-informed somatic practitioner, parent coach, and mother, this workshop is more than just a class. It's a journey of self-discovery and awareness that will empower you to approach childbirth and parenthood with confidence and grace.

You will learn the following:

Evidence-based curriculum integrating somatics & trauma-informed practices

Discover how to identify your unique triggers, stress/trauma response and learn how to strengthen your relationship after baby

Understand your nervous system and manage parenting challenges with effective tools

Understand the physiological anatomy around labour & birth

Explore the biomechanics of your pelvis, the impact of movement, and birth techniques

Understand your birthing options, medical interventions and navigate Singapore's birthing system

Learn birth advocacy and partner support

Learn how to navigate your postpartum journey 

More Services

We know the challenges of becoming a parent and we are here for you from conception to pregnancy, birth and parenthood. We combine evidence-based knowledge together with eastern and western practices to nourish your mind, heart and body.

Blooming Births Parenting Respectful

Curious about water birth? Check this video out!

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Podcast Feature

What is a Doula?


Providing you and your partner with mental, emotional, physical and informational support throughout the different stages of your journey (from conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond)


Guiding you towards an empowered birth by understanding your birth rights and how you can advocate for yourself. Providing you with evidence-based knowledge, step by step techniques to facilitate labour and your postpartum journey. 


A non-judgemental, trauma-informed approach to your wellbeing. Helping you to embrace your new role, body and relationship as you blossom into parenthood

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Hear From Our Families


Stephanie Sentell

We gave birth to our first little one in Singapore in 2020, amidst really unstable times for the healthcare sector, facing Covid restrictions for hospitals, doctor visits, etc. Bringing Chantel into our fold, to guide us through the pregnancy, delivery, and post delivery was the best decision we could have made. She helped us to be able to stay focused on what this incredible chapter of our life could offer, and on the experience as a family, keeping everything in a positive light. She was by my side every step of the way, checking in daily and helped me to confidentially and comfortably deliver our little one.


Even in the days after, I really don't think I could have had such a successful breast feeding journey without the support and insights she offered. Chantel is full of super helpful resources, very hands on if that's what you want, but also has the intuition to understand how her role in your journey fits seamlessly into your own family dynamic.

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Camille Boudart

Going through pregnancy, delivery, and post-partum is definitely a journey. Especially for a first baby. Maeva has been a pilar for us all along this special journey. She preciously informed, supported, and reassured us, always finding the right words for us.

Whatever the situation or the question, Maeva had always demonstrated strong professionalism by digging in her resources and network to find the most relevant solution adapted to our context. Extremely reactive, she helped us go through every step, as much as on practical than emotional perspective.

By looking back, I can't imagine how we could have gone through this without Maeva on our side.
We can't be more thankful for the peace of mind she brought to us and the informed and relaxed parents she helped us to be.

Lauren Moye Client Review Blooming Births.png

Lauren Moye

I cannot recommend Chantel and Blooming Births enough. I was lucky enough to get a recommendation for her and from the first moment we met I instantly felt comfortable. In the weeks leading up to my daughter’s birth she was so helpful, not just with me but also my husband! Making sure he was ready as well. My daughter’s birth was a bit traumatic and obviously not at all what we planned for, but her calm and collected self was exactly what I needed, as well as when she had to tell some nurses to back off she did!


Vanessa Vyvial

Maeva was my doula for my first born. She was so warm, compassionate and knowledgeable which made me feel so at ease about the whole birthing experience. She is extremely professional and very giving with her time. I am so grateful to have met her and had her support through one of the most life changing moments in life.

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Zoe Timms

As someone who was terrified at the prospect of the birthing experience, I knew I wanted to work with someone who would help me prepare for birth not just from a physical perspective but from an emotional perspective as well. From the moment I met Chantel, I felt an instant sense of calmness and connection and right away I knew I'd found the perfect person to help me on my journey to have the birthing experience I wanted.

Giving birth is an incredibly private and primal experience and I am so thankful I was able to labor with both my husband and Chantel by my side. Because of Chantel, I honestly believe my husband and I were able to have the best possible birthing experience. She helped us advocate for ourselves and made sure we felt supported and empowered throughout the entire birthing experience.


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