Doula Support

From pregnancy to parenthood, we provide support specially tailored to your needs

Parenting is more than just labour and birth, that's why our doula support extend up to your baby's 6 month birthday

What is a Doula?

She is a professionally trained birth companion who provides emotional, mental, physical, informational and partner support to families through pregnancy, labour, birth and into parenthood.

A Doula is essentially a birth coach - someone who provides support and guidance to help you create the birth story you desire. She encourages and empowers parents with the knowledge needed for this new journey, helping them transition into their new roles with tips and tricks.

She does not replace your partner but works together with him to best support the birthing person.


Doula Support

Blooming Births Doulas pride ourselves on providing you with the best care possible. By understanding your needs, we are able to build a unique bond and support you through this intimate and special event in your life.

Our birth doulas encourage active labour through gravity and movement. They are trained with neat tricks and techniques to help navigate any roadblocks during labour.

We believe that all birthing person deserves the support they need, if you are a single mother or struggling with finances, please reach out to us. 

*All our families will receive a complimentary consultation with

Connect with Chantel

Find out more about the birth scene in Singapore and what your birth options are.


If you are not sure what you are wanting or what to expect... book a meeting or call!

Empowerment Package

We believe that all women's birth experience should be honoured and protected​, including single mothers.

Get in touch with us if you are a single mum (or know a single mum in need) - we will support you through your journey.

Rose Package


Specially curated for first-time parents or couples who have not attended childbirth preparation classes


  • Private Antenatal Class

  • 1 Prenatal Check-in Session

  • Birth Support

  • 3 Postpartum Sessions

  • Online Support from pregnancy through to baby's 6 months birthday

*Private sessions - Option of 4 sessions x 2.5 hours OR 2 sessions x 5 hours

Daffodil Package


VBAC Doula Support for couples wanting a vaginal birth after cesarean paired together with a refresher on breastfeeding and the fourth trimester


  • Private VBAC Preparation Class (2 sessions)

  • 1 Prenatal Check-in Session

  • Birth Support

  • 2 Postpartum Sessions

  • Online Support from pregnancy through to baby's 6 months birthday

*Each session is 3.5 hours

Lily Package


Great for experienced parents who are looking for a refresher 

  • Private Antenatal Class (2 sessions)

  • 1 Prenatal Check-in Session

  • Birth Support

  • 2 Postpartum Sessions

  • Online Support from pregnancy through to baby's 6 months birthday

*Each session is 3.5 hours

Birth Support Package


Customise your support! 


  • 1 Prenatal Check-in Session

  • Birth Support

  • 1 Postpartum Sessions

For only labour and birth support - $1450

Postpartum Care Package

Postpartum support after bringing baby home, an extra pair of hands - our services range from breastfeeding support to supporting your emotional well-being


  • Continuity of Care Session $1350 - 5 days (6 hours of care per day)

  • Single Package  $120 - 1 session

  • Trio Package  $330 - 3 sessions

  • Quin Package  $550 - 5 sessions


Each session lasts 2 hours

Breastfeeding Support


Needing support around lactation? Not sure how to latch and position baby? We are there to guide you through with the right techniques and strategies


Each session lasts 2 hours

Fear Release Session


This session focuses on inner work around fear, anxiety, trauma or any negative feelings/emotions that may affect your journey. Adopting techniques together with a holistic approach, such as self-hypnosis, meditation, crystal healing, emotional freedom techniques and aromatherapy​.

Each session lasts 2 hours

More Information

  • From the time you engage our services, Blooming Births will provide unlimited online support 

  • Prenatal Check-in Session must take place between 32-36 weeks of pregnancy

  • Your Doula will be on standby 24 hours a day from 37 weeks onwards

  • During labour and birth, we aim to get to you within 1 hour or earlier

  • Postpartum Sessions are to be used within the first 4 weeks

  • It is encouraged to take our Childbirth Preparation Classes when engaging Birth Doula Services (we can customize according to your needs)

  • Prenatal, Postpartum sessions and private consults are 2 hours each

  • All our families will receive a free consultation with Babyslingsandcarriers (used within 3 months post-birth

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