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Parenting Support

“Parenting is the hardest thing I've ever done, and sometimes we need that reassurance that we are doing the best we can”

Chantel Kismet

1. Book a Connection Call: Schedule a personalized call with one of our coaches to discuss your needs

2. Book a single session or coaching package: As a dedicated parent coach, I specialize in nurturing the parent-child relationship, emphasizing understanding, connection, and empathy. My services are designed to help parents understand their children's behavioral needs, fostering a deep and meaningful bond. Through tailored guidance, I support parents in creating a harmonious family environment where both children and parents thrive. Whether you're seeking strategies for better communication, ways to address behavioral challenges, or methods to enhance emotional connection, my coaching provides the tools and insights needed for a confident and compassionate parenting journey.


Birth Class

Learn Doula Chantel's Top 5 tips for a positive, empowered & easeful birth!


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