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Blooming Births Parenting Respectful

Second Time or More Parents Support

“This is a new journey and you are NOT meant to do it alone.”

Chantel Kismet

1. Book a Connection Call: Schedule a personalized consultation with one of our experienced doulas to discuss your needs and preferences.

2. Book an Antenatal Class: Sign up for our refresher session or a VBAC prep if you are exploring a vaginal birth after cesarean

Recommendation: Second time or more, VBAC

3. Get In-Person Birth Support: Receive continuous support from our skilled doulas during labour and childbirth.

Recommendations: Birth support package or Rose package (if you would like a more comprehensive prep!)

4. Get Support On Sibling Integration: Our sibling integration support is designed to assist second-time (or more) parents in creating a positive experience for older siblings. We provide expert advice and engaging activities to help siblings bond, adjust, and thrive together in their expanding family.


Birth Class

Learn Doula Chantel's Top 5 tips for a positive, empowered & easeful birth!


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