Childbirth With Love

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Why Childbirth

With Love?

Our workshops are focused on taking you through a transformational journey - reframing the way you look at birth and life after baby. Childbirth is a natural part of us and it should be a journey filled with love, pleasure, joy and not fear.


We integrate evidence-based information and a holistic approach together with practical hands-on activities to give you the tools for a comfortable birth and your parenting journey.  


The topics and activities covered are geared towards fostering a deeper connection with yourself and your partner, strengthening the mind, preparing for a comfortable birth, preparing for baby's arrival and navigating this new terrain of parenthood

Learning with

fun in mind!

Over four sessions, we integrate exercises to help couples build a stronger bond, trust and connection. We take evidence-based knowledge and chunk them into bite-sized information to help you learn better. We formulate step by step strategies to help with decision making, piece together tried and tested plans that will work for your family. 


Through self-hypnosis, self-exploration and partner exercises together with role-playing, practical hands-on activities, our classes are created with an end goal in mind - changing the way you look at birth and parenthood whilst having fun along the way!

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What is covered?

Session One

"Mind, Heart, Body Connection"

  • The power of mindful meditation, affirmations & visualizations

  • Connecting through breathwork

  • Labour of love language - reframing our words

  • Connecting with my intuition

  • Connecting with my partner

  • Connecting with my baby

  • Nourishing your birthing body: a holistic approach

  • Reframing the way we look at pain and childbirth

  • Understanding fear and how the brain works

  • The Oxytocin formula for a confident, calm birth

  • Techniques for fear, anxiety release

  • How do we tap into our subconscious mind

  • Self-hypnosis for Childbirth

Session Two

"Your Birthing Body"

  • What types of position to help baby descend in each stage of labour

  • How to move on a daily basis to balance my pelvis

  • Optimal maternal exercise & movements

  • Common pregnancy discomforts (what can I do?)

  • Your pelvic anatomy

  • Your pelvic floor

  • Changes to your body

  • The importance of a balanced pelvis

  • The importance of movement & gravity

  • What types of positions to help baby engage

Session Three

"Making Informed Choices"

  • Understanding your birth options

  • Birth Interventions

    • Inductions​

    • Assisted delivery

    • Vaginal examinations

    • Episiotomy

  • Caesarean belly birth

  • Natural pain relief 

  • Medicated pain relief

  • Waters breaking

  • Writing your birth plan | My contingency plan

  • Navigating the hospital

  • Stages of labour | What is my body doing? | What to expect

  • Signs of labour | When to head to the hospital 

  • Birth Partner Support - how to take charge

  • Identifying challenges and navigating roadblocks in labour

  • Coping techniques

  • Labour and birth positions

  • Optimal strategies for an epidural

Session Four

"The Fourth Trimester"

  • Creating your postpartum sanctuary

  • How to organize your home

  • Your breastfeeding journey

  • The art of breastfeeding​

  • Is my baby getting enough?

  • Hunger cues

  • Other feeding methods

  • Breast care and healing

  • Understanding newborn sleep

  • How to soothe my baby​

  • Mothershift - what happens to your body and mind

  • From partners to parents

  • Understanding ​a new relationship dynamic

  • Communication

  • Couple self-care

  • Honouring yourself: self care

Class Types

Group Class

In-person  $575

Virtual  $475

Private Sessions

In-person  $775

Virtual  $675


Class Options

Refresher Class 

Catered to second time or more parents, our classes serve as a refresher to help you navigate down the once travelled journey. Giving you the confidence you need for birth, postpartum and how to manage a growing family. 

VBAC Class

For Mothers who are wanting to explore a VBAC birth, this class prepares you mentally, emotionally and physically towards achieving the birth you desire

Multiple Blessings Preparation

Expecting twins/triplets? Congratulations on your blessings! Our preparation is tailored to your journey, providing you with optimum strategies to manage labour, birth and parenthood

Your Breastfeeding Journey

All about the breast! This class will cover the art of breastfeeding, how you can enjoy your breastfeeding journey, survive the first few weeks when baby arrives, breast care and more!

Your Fourth Trimester

Preparing you for baby and your postpartum journey, this class will help you navigate through the fourth trimester. Learning about baby care, postpartum recovery, breastfeeding and more.

Customize Your Classes!

We understand that there is no "one size fits all", we offer customizable classes to suit your needs through pregnancy, childbirth and beyond into parenthood!